After 35 years of a professional life spanning academics and industry, as a computer scientist, I am delighted to share my life skills with interested people through my Yo-gY techniques, a sample of which can be had in a 2 hour session. I coach people online through my microstep program. As an expert in teaching and pedagogy, I design these tiny, doable processes.

Having been actively engaged from the last 20 years in assimilating books, attending workshops, analysing life from different perspectives, looking at the mind and its working, and discovering new ways of living, I am ready to help anyone who wants to have a more fulfilling career or relationships, health or wealth, or just an easy life.

The methods range from hands-on processes to reprogramming the mind to managing one’s own energy by being mindful of thoughts and emotions. I used some of these resources to work with myself. I also use spiritual principles and tools for living a wholesome life and deal with situations. I can and would like to support anyone wanting to grow emotionally, psychologically or spiritually. I have shared my experiences under Insights on my blog.

The books I read are many but I have reviewed a few under Reading.

I want to engage in deeper conversations with people about what’s important in their life. I have coached several people to develop self awareness and to lead a better life, to experience their relationship with the universe and learn how to work with it.

I travel and write; I try to live from inspiration and inner guidance.

Since I have done some work in education and it still interests me, I can help faculty and students of colleges and universities to understand the principles and spirit of outcome based learning. They will then be able to design and develop their teaching-learning-assessment processes in keeping with those principles. I can mentor and advise during this phase. This is my LinkedIn profile. I am open to any consulting or training assignments in this area. Corporate training/retreats on topics like stress management, emotional intelligence, leadership, team dynamics, decision making, motivation, appraisals, productivity are also welcome. I have done such sessions at ITM Mussoorie and other DRDO labs.

Quite early in my life I recognised my love for the road. Driving solo and across cities came much later. But once I tasted the excitement, I was hooked. I wrote some posts about these drives. My recent Golden Quadrilateral Drive (news) was the high point. And of course, there are some regular travels.

This blog, like life, is a mere work in progress. It will never be done.


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